About the domain

This domain was purchased on Feburary the 18th of 2004 along with the webhosting from UOInudstries.com.
On June 6th, 2008, akai-tsuki changed webhosts over to Hostgator, due to the older webhost's server was experiencing downtime and effected the Disgaea forums to where the forum was inactive for a while.It was time to move on...

Why did I come up with the name of "akai tsuki"?As one of my friends know, I love the moon, but mainly, the red moon of all :D Even though it doesnt really exist in our world,I have seen it in many different places either in stories, artwork, pictures and video games. One example is Harle from Chrono Cross, towards the end of the game, they call her the "daughter of the Red Moon".Akai Tsuki is also the japanese name for "red moon", duh, and from the song from Disgaea.

About the current layout:

The reason why I haven't updated this site with a new layout, I was waitng for Disgaea 4 artwork, and the only thing I could work with was the Disgaeart! and the Harada Art Works. Sadly, I would prefer an Digital Art cd instead, but god knows when they will put one out.

Disgaea art scans are from animepaper.net
Texture from The Monkeybox[I think].
Brushes from pfefferminzchen