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Akai Tsuki literally means "red moon",it is also based off the song from the hiliarous,tactics game for the PS2 "Disgaea:The Hour of Darkness" a.k.a in Japan "Makai Senki Disgaea". Navigation is right above this text.
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March 6th,2012
Lonnnngggg overdue layout change. And I apologize,but if you're interested as to why it took so long. You can check out the domain section and read about it.

August 8th,2010
Been a long time since I've updated the site,not much to say really.Looking forward to the next Disgaea series though.

August 23rd
Hoo-boy...just in time! A Disgaea 3 layout! Hehe.

June 23,2008
Akai-tsuki is back online! Still have a few more sites to restore,but yeah...Disgaea forums is back too.abr,my Haseo site is back as well.I really need a new layout for akai-tsuki...I'll think of one,eventually,lol.

April 14,2007
New layout for Akai-tsuki!It's obvious,I like the manga,lol

December 20
Warped Knowledge is now open!

August 3
New layout for Akai-tsuki!

March 3
Abdicated Retribution is open!
I apologize for not updating this site,there isnt much to update.But dont worry,another site is in the works,not to mention I might make a new layout eventually.